Ideal for retail, shopping malls, banks, residential and office buildings, factories, hospitals and health centers, schools, fuel stations, gyms, airports, bus stations or parks, etc.

Just push the pedal (1), and you are safe!

Hygienic and Touch-Free (2), without the risk of contamination

Universal use, the empty plastic container provided, can be filled with our or any other hand sanitiser.

EASY-REPLACE (3), in one minute

Visual Gauge (4), to check the level of the sanitiser in the sanitiser plastic bottle

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Durable, Weather resistant and Rust-free.

Heavy duty, intensive use resistant, fully mechanical and silent

No assembling or installation required..

Can be bolted (5) to the floor, if required.

You can place it anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser R Model